My Favourite YouTube Channel – Lilith Moon

Today I want to talk about my favourite YouTube channel, Lilith Moon.

Lilith Moon is a woman whose YouTube channel is full of stunning hair and make-up tutorials. The reason I prefer her channel above others is because she does the majority of the styles on her own hair so you can see where your fingers go.

Most of my life I’ve long hair, as in waist length hair. What the hell do you do with that? Well now! Lilith was a total life saver for me, I’ve learnt so many pretty braids by watching her tutorials and even some stylish summer up-do’s. There are some that I didn’t even know was that easy.

As for make-up, I’ve managed to find a nice tutorials for romantic makeup in shades of white and pale pink. I think this one looks very good as a natural style or when you’re feeling “cute” due to the softer style.

The hairstyles I do the most often from this website are the rope braid (very fast and quite durable), goddess crown braid (very nice in the summer as the hair is off your shoulders), and normal side braid. This Elsa hairstyle can be quite nice for a posh evening out too.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the videos and give them a try if you have medium to long length hair 🙂 It’s surprising how fast and easy some of these styles can be when your fingers have done them once or twice.

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