My Fears

I think now in 2017 we should be evolved enough to move past our fears. They were unadjustednonraw_thumb_137doriginally primal instincts to help us stay alive, part of our fight or flight response. In a world that’s much more developed, what use is fear really? It contributes a significant amount of stress and worry to our everyday lives.

Part of me knows deep down that my fears are unjustified and uncalled for, but it doesn’t stop me being scared. Every time I feel fear I try to be a little braver and see the logic in being afraid, but unless it’s a harmful situation I really do think fear is redundant in our modern society.

So, my fears…

  • Being judged – I know this one is totally stupid. I know other peoples opinions have no lasting consequences in my life. I can’t help it. I just don’t like it when people try to scold me for my opinions, it makes me feel bad.
  • Being alone – Who wants to end up alone? Yes, I’m quite a private person… but I still enjoy being social. I like long chats with my family, my boyfriend, my friends… What would I do if I was alone? I know I’m not the only one to feel like this 🙂
  • Slugs & Snails! – I can’t explain it. They’re horrible and icky and probably covered in a gazillion germs… Eww!!
  • People – Yes, sometimes I fear people. It usually happens when I’m walking through a crowd, I don’t like them touching me because I feel like someone might hurt me or try to steal from me. I’m scared of the unsavoury acts that might befall me because I’m a woman. Being beaten. Who knows? I think there’s potentially a lot to be fearful of from people.
  • Terrorist attacks – Three times in England since March there’s been attacks. How is anyone meant to feel safe? I worry so much if one of my friends is on a weekend break to another city, or what if my city is next, who knows?? It’s a terrible thing. This is obviously a very recent fear of mine and hopefully just a temporary one.
  • House robbery – What’s not to fear here? Yes, I can see you’re sensing a theme here lol. Generally, I don’t feel safe.
  • Bonfires, sparklers, etc. – I have no idea why but I’m terrified of them. Fireworks I can watch because it’s from a distance. I’m OK with small fires too (like in a garden fire pit). Bonfires? I have to stand way back. Sparklers, if they’re near me I’ll freak out. I think they’ll tap me on the skin and burn through me (TV adverts as a child 🙂 nice isn’t it?)
  • Not being in control – The majority of the time when I get scared it’s because I’m not in control, or I have to rely on someone else. I wish I wasn’t like that 🙂 I think I need to trust a little more.


I think that’s all of my darkest fears. I think I have some minor ones too but nothing in comparison to these.


What are you afraid of? Are there any stories or reasons behind the fears? Tell me in the comments.


My Fears

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