My Pet Peeves

All the small things that really P me off lol. Yes there’s quite a few. You’ll find I can be tightly wound sometimes when I’m stressed 🙂 who isn’t?


  • Punctuality. If people are going to be late at least let us know! It’s only polite after all 🙂
  • People who demand everything even though they haven’t worked for it, just they feel they’re entitled to it.
  • Crowds of people. I just find it stressful trying to get through crowds 🙂 you’ll notice in my other post this is one of My Fears.
  • Not letting me go to the toilet in peace. Banging on the door, etc. I’ll never be able to go to the toilet! lol.
  • When someone is walking in front of you and they suddenly stop.
  • When there’s a group walking your way on the pavement, you’re walking by yourself, then they won’t make room for you as you cross each other. Instead they expect you to go on to the road even when there’s cars!
  • People crossing the road with kids (when they’re not at a crossing and there’s still cars). It’s all very well if they want to risk their own lives but they shouldn’t do it to their kids.
  • People asking for money, most in my city aren’t even homeless they’re actually druggies or alcoholics (it was on the local news). I already pay tax to try and solve these problems. It got to the point between January and May were I was being asked a minimum of twice a day, five days a week! (Walking to work)
  • Speaking during a movie or tv series.
  • Interrupting my morning routine (must have coffee!!)
  • Asking me the same question over and over, why didn’t you listen the first time!
  • When people can see you’re rushing about and very busy and they pop over to chat because they’re bored. Find someone else until I’m finished maybe?
  • Lack of personal space. Whether it’s physical space or constant interruptions during the day, I like my own space to do my own thing. Sometimes it feels like I only do things other people want.
  • Rude people. When they don’t have manners.
  • Vulgar behaviour. Working in a casino for 7 years I feel like I’ve seen and heard it all…
  • When people ask for help and then don’t listen or attempt to help you when you’re helping, they just leave it for you. Or when you help solve a situation and they do nothing but complain.
  • Pestering about the same thing. If you’ve already given an answer that should be enough, carrying on isn’t going to change my mind or make it happen faster.


I’m sure there’s more lol. These are the main ones 🙂 I know I seem like a horrible person now but it’s the truth. As you can see most of the time I prefer just to be left alone to my own devices 🙂 most of my pet peeves are to do with other people lol.

Thank you for reading!

What’s your pet peeves? Can you see any on my list? Tell me in the comments below 🙂


My pet peeves

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