10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Me


It’s always good to get to know each other a little better 😀 Here’s some thing you probably didn’t know about me 🙂

  1. I like self-defence. I’m a green belt in karate and a red belt in ju jitsu.
  2. I have a book all planned out, I just don’t know how to write it!
  3. 3-4 years ago I suffered with depression, anxiety, and agoraphobia. Sometimes I still feel like I’m battling the last two like it’s a work in progress 🙂 Believe it or not what cured me was solo travelling to Rome!
  4. I’m currently trying to learn more languages than it’s smart to lol. Lithuanian, Italian, French. I just can’t help it, I love to learn 🙂
  5. I play Pokemon Go! I used to love watching the cartoon as a kid. Yes the game is getting a little boring now as I’ve been playing it since its pre-release in the UK… but I can’t bring myself to stop just yet.
  6. I’m never happy at work unless I’m busy 🙂 Then I get annoyed because others aren’t working as hard lol.
  7. I’m definitely quite ambitious, I expect big things of myself! 😀 I think this is one of the reasons I always have to be learning something, to keep improving myself.
  8. I would do almost anything to see someone I love smile 🙂
  9. I have a huge bucket list! I’ll post it some time 😉
  10. I’m qualified in tarot reading and past life regression. Why not? I like to know how these types of things are possible so why not learn through doing?


Anything I should know about you? Let me know a strange fact about yourself in the comments!

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