Freshers Societies Fair

The fresher’s societies fair at Hull Uni was absolutely amazing.

I can’t stress how many choices there were. The societies fair had to be spread over 2 days!

I remember ten years ago when I went to Brighton Uni, we didn’t have a societies fair. I think there were societies, but they weren’t very well marketed to freshers. Whether it’s the date change or the location change, this societies fair was a huge event. Everywhere I looked there was a new stall trying to entice me in.

One thing I found shocking was the variety. I thought societies would just be book and movie clubs, maybe a chess society, that sort of thing. However, I was surprised to find a wide range of religious and cultural societies too. I thought this was very encouraging because, Hull being the City of Culture last year, it shows a very open mind to society. For example, you didn’t have to be Chinese to join the Chinese society, you could join if you’d like to learn more about their language or culture.

One slightly negative aspect of the societies fair was some societies were quite desperate. Again, I think this is a marketing problem. They would start by telling you how much they needed to fill positions in their society, such as treasurer or vice-president. I found this to be quite confusing because, although that information may have been nice for the ambitious person, I’d still like to know what the society stood for.


One particularly negative experience I had was from the Harry Potter society. During the university application process, I was so excited about this society. I grew up with Harry Potter, I think I was about 9 years old when the first book came out. When I’d finally enrolled and got the opportunity to see this society at the fair, one of the members was so rude! The guy was very nice and quite informative, but even he noticed his partner’s rudeness because he actually apologised on her behalf. Basically, she asked the usual question, “Who’s house are you in?”. I’d like to be brave, but I’m no more than usual. I’d like to be smart, but I was never the smartest. I’m not very cunning either. However, I am very loyal. Hufflepuff it is 🙂 When I said as much her jaw dropped and she scowled. She pointed to the door and told me to keep moving… and not in a joking way. She repeatedly said it. She even implied that unless I was ‘House Slytherin’ I wouldn’t be welcome in this society! How stupid for somewhere that’s meant to be full of adults.

My most positive experience was from the Catholic society. My family aren’t religious, I am. I’ve never been baptised in any religion and have always been too scared to attend church. The Catholic society was so friendly and informative. Their parish priest was present too and managed to answer many of my questions. It was actually very comforting to know that if I wished to pursue this course they would help me learn more.

I liked how there were so many societies present and how much choice that represented. Depending on which ones you chose, they could have a deep impact on your life.


Did you join any societies at university? If so, which was your favourite? Did you pursue this any further outside of university? If you’re a fresher like me, which societies are you considering?

I want your thoughts.

#choices #societies #freshersfair



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