Goals: Year 1, Semester 1


I hope to make the most out of my first semester at uni. I think it’s great to set yourself goals! It’s an excellent way to look back and see exactly what I’ve achieved in the first six months of study.

1) Don’t get disheartened if my first grade is low. I’m still learning! Take it on board and next time I’ll improve.

2) Stick to my budget! If everything goes well I should be able to manage financially, however, students are renowned for going over budget. Prove to myself I can stick to my budget.

3) Don’t seclude myself. Make friends and memories.

4) Try something new. I love the idea of my university’s Give It A Go (GIAG) scheme, they make it so easy to try something new and it’s an excellent way to meet new people.

That’s all the goals I’m going to set for this semester. My main priority is to adjust well to this new life and do the best I can.

Whether you’ve just started university, or you’re in your final year, I’d like to hear your goals.

What do you have planned for this semester?

What are your main goals?

#goals #personaldevelopment


Goals year 1 semester 1

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