Why I Chose The University of Hull

Students put an extraordinary amount of time into choosing which universities they’d like to attend. Sometimes this can be quite a hard decision that requires a lot of research, other times it can be quite easy.

For me, Hull was my only choice. It was the only university I was interested in.

Hull is my home town. Ten years ago I went to university at Brighton, it was my first time away from home, and I got to experience the usual application process where I applied to everywhere except my home town. I can easily say that was a bad decision. Being so far away from home it was hard when family issues arose. Also, the only thing I ever thought about was ‘freedom’ away from my parents, finally being an adult, independence. Well, you can still do that in your home town.

This time around I chose to stay put. I actually looked into what my home town’s university had to offer… to be honest I was quite surprised! I think we have this habit of thinking, if it’s local it isn’t as good as somewhere further away. We do this all the time with landmarks. For example, if you live in London the chances are you haven’t seen some of its amazing landmarks. I was pleased to discover the University of Hull has won awards for best student experiences. Bonus! One reason I chose a physical university rather than an online degree is because I wanted to experience what it was like to be a student.

img_1922At the open day I was amazed, this is what sold me. Hull campus has so much green space it feels so peaceful. In comparison, Brighton campus didn’t. Brighton was also spread across the city whereas Hull campus is all in one place. I think this is very important because when the exam period arrives this will help to reduce stress levels. There’s plenty of benches outside for you to eat or study on a nice day. Also, during the open day the staff were so friendly! Some people giggled because they ‘had to be nice’, they were trying to sell their university to us after all. As it turns out, after enrolling, they’re just as nice. They’re open to answer any questions, however bizarre they might seem.

The library! Oh my god where do I start? It’s amazing. It’s really well organised and each floor has it’s own study areas. There’s its own quiet study area and on the top floor there are amazing views of Hull. There are laptops to borrow and the facilities are easy to use. This is exactly what you want when study period is upon us.

All in all choosing Hull was a bit of a no brainer. I have the advantage of knowing the area, I’ve lived here almost all my life. It has an excellent academic reputation. Also, the history department had a wide range of modules for me to choose from, it was so nice that I wasn’t limited to just modern history or early history. Most importantly, from the open day I quickly learnt that whatever career path I choose to follow, the staff would help me get the experience I need 100%. They want us to succeed. They see us as individuals, not just another class full of students.

Why did you pick your university?

How was your open day?

Which aspects of your university most impressed you?

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Why I Chose The University of Hull

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