Plans: Future Exchange Student

Although I’m still a fresher, I’ve decided to plan early for my second year.

I’m going to be an exchange student!

I’m actually really excited. I’ve picked Aarhus University in Denmark, it has an excellent reputation for being one of the worlds best universities. I’ve chatted with some exchange students from Aarhus and also someone from my home town who did this trip too, everything seems amazing. I’m very confident!

The best part? There’s a high chance I will learn about the Vikings! Weee!!

I’ve seen pictures of the local Viking museum there and it’s shocking the range of stuff they have. They even have prehistoric items there dating from before the Vikings.


I’m not overly worried about money, I will hopefully get the Erasmus grant as extra to help me and I’m also doing some part-time shifts right now.

It sounds like a very healthy city. The majority of people bike. I also heard the fruit is very fresh and tasty.

The forest is meant to be part of the city, I think this is absolutely lovely! If I fancy a stroll (because I LOVE walking) it’ll be nice to have somewhere beautiful to wander. It’s also on the sea edge apparently. I love watching the water so it sounds like an ideal place to travel to.

Location wise it’s easy to do day trips to other European cities by train. Travel to the capital is only 1 hour by train or 3 hours by bus.

I’m going to try learning some Danish alongside my Passport Spanish so I can at least say hello to them in their own language. Apparently, 80-90% of locals speak English, and my lectures will also be in English, which is very reassuring if I struggle.

I’ll keep you posted, I can’t wait!



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