GIAG: York Trip ’18


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What an amazing time!

On Sunday 23rd September ’18, I went on my first Give It A Go field trip! Despite what you may think, I went alone. Classes hadn’t started yet so I hadn’t had time to make any friends. I’ve solo traveled in the past, so I decided what the heck, why not?

The funny thing is, I actually made friends while I was queuing for the coach. I made friends with three Germans and one Vietnamese girl. First I made friends with Nadja, a German girl. She was the only person aside from me who was alone, so I decided to ask her if she wanted to hang out and sit together on the coach. She was very happy about this! While we were in the queue I heard some guys behind us trying to pronounce the names of local towns correctly… the problem is, locals don’t say them how they’re spelled, we say them with a Yorkshire accent. I explained this to Nadja and we giggled. The funny part was, she could understand everything, they were German too! I couldn’t bear the conversation any longer and told them how each town was pronounced 🙂 They were trying to practice so they could say them like a local.

As it turned it out, they sat in front of us on the coach. I’m a really well-organised person, so I had all the major attractions leaflets on me already. I passed them around for them to look at but explained that I had plans to visit specific museums so I couldn’t go with them. I’d visited York once or twice before with my parents but that was it. There is so much to see there that you really need a good couple of days to see it all!

When we got off the coach we all had to walk in the same direction. This is when Rem, the Vietnamese girl, joined us. She knew the two German guys too! I decided that, although this was a brilliant opportunity to see the museums I wanted to see, it would actually be a better opportunity to make friends! This is how I made my first friends at university! 🙂 Nadja, Rem, Michael, and Sebastian. Rem later became my best friend.

We actually had a really cool day! We visited Costa Coffee, the Roman Bathhouse (and even got a lecture about the Romans from a PhD student!), tried different foods at the continental food market, walked the city wall and visited the cathedral. We visited the Shambles. We saw the street that Harry Potters Diagon Alley was based on! It was awesome! It wasn’t like that when I visited York last time, so it was really good to see! It’s filled with Harry Potter stalls now and looks amazing. I’d definitely recommend going!

What was your last experience in York like? What was your favourite moment? Which attractions would you visit again? If you haven’t visited, do you want to? If so, what would you like to see?

Tell me in the comments below!


GIAG York Trip '18

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