Thanksgiving ‘18


As a Brit, I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving. Before Thanksgiving ’18, all I knew is that it was an American holiday, they said thanks around the table for the things they were thankful for, and they ate a lot of food! And of course, the old tale that goes with it.

In my first semester, I made friends with quite a few exchange students, most were European, but one was American. I remember he made a comment saying how missing Thanksgiving made him feel homesick… I don’t know what it was, but something changed. This is something I could help with! 🙂 I love to make… I love to experiment with making new foods… I also love trying to bake American-style pies! Just a few short words with my friends and that was it, Thanksgiving 2018 was on!

Please bear in mind that none of us, except this one guy, celebrate Thanksgiving. We didn’t even really know the finer details of the holiday… yet I was so proud of what we did.

Me, a German, and an Italian all cooked for Thanksgiving 🙂 Yes, it was late! But at least it was a Thanksgiving!

My German friend cooked pasta, my Italian friend cooked different flavoured pizzas, and I made pie 😀 Pumpkin and pecan pie! What we did was amazing. We were in the kitchen in their dorm with music playing through Spotify and YouTube, we agreed the music choice was a free-for-all, but you had to let the previous song finish fully before you played the next one. It went really well! Drinks were provided by the Germans and an Australian girl during this mini-celebration party, it really was a good night!

I remember from the American movies the tradition of going around the table and naming one thing you’re thankful for that year. Everyone did it. When we reached the American, he said he was thankful for this day, for actually having Thanksgiving this year. I think that was when we realised how much it actually meant to him.

We all knew the foods we made weren’t the best, but we are students and we tried our best 🙂 We had food, drink, and good music. We ate, danced and sang ^.^ It was wonderful. This is definitely a night I won’t forget in a hurry. It’s now one of my favourite memories.

How did you celebrate Thanksgiving? Did you do anything different, or was it all tradition?

Tell me about it in the comments below!


Thanksgiving '18

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