History: How I Picked my Modules

modulesAs you can see there’s quite the choice!

For the core module you could either choose Exploring the Past, or Representing the Past in Film. I have to be honest, I’ve never been much for media studies. I find the prospect of watching films all day and debating its pros and cons boring. Exploring the Past, on the other hand seemed like a more traditional course. In the write-up it explains that you would learn about different important events throughout time. I’d rather do that than limit myself to watching movies of different periods. Now that the first semester is over, I know that both courses basically teach the same thing but via different methods. You cover the same stuff. I have friends who took the other course and were very happy with it! They found it very challenging. For me though, I think I made the right choice. I learn better with books 🙂

For the remaining choices in Semester One it was really hard! In Classical Civilisations you get to learn about the Ancient Greeks and Romans. I was definitely taking that! The competition was between Archaeology of Britain and Heritage and Modern War. I liked the idea of learning about Heritage, but I don’t like learning about modern history. I find it depressing and too real, it’s too close to home. It’s because of this I chose the Archaeology module. It was really good!! I learnt about the stone age onwards. It was during this course that I learnt I have a real passion for the stone age and what they invented, I love learning about how they lived! They weren’t the dumb brutes we make them out to be! I also learnt the theory of some basic surveying techniques. Surprisingly enough, this was my favourite module of the semester! 🙂

Semester two choices! My first confession… initially I only took two history modules for my second semester as I was also learning basic Spanish too. However, if you take a language, the module spans across both semesters. So I would therefore be taking four modules in semester one, and three in semester two. I dropped Spanish. The workload was too much. Many times it felt like I had to decide which was more important, studying history or studying Spanish. Not a good choice! So I dropped it and changed my second semester to three history modules instead 🙂

Semester two choices, take two! As mentioned before, I don’t like modern history. Therefore I didn’t choose to study Modern War. I’m going to study Global Histories: The Non-Western World 1500-present, The Medieval World, and Early Modern People and their Worlds. I’m hoping in the Global Histories class I will learn some Russian and Asian history, I never learnt this at school. The Medieval World was a no-brainer for me. I’ve always been interested in it and it will be awesome to learn more! 🙂 The new module I chose was the Early Modern People… this one is actually about the renaissance 😀 What a treat! At first I didn’t realise what ‘early modern’ actually meant, but now I think it means after the middle ages. Either way I will find out soon enough!

This is the long story of how I chose my modules lol. I hope you’ve enjoyed the read, and get a good idea of the choices available at Hull 🙂 It’s quite a wide range of choices and I’d definitely recommend them. There’s something for everyone, whether you prefer modern or early history, or a bit of both!

Are you studying history too? Whether you’re currently a student or have already graduated, I want to know which modules you picked and if you enjoyed them. Would you recommend them to others?

Tell me in the comments below!

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