My Student Wins! Year 1, Semester 1


Hey guys!

It’s been a busy few months! 😯 but I feel like I smashed my goals for semester one! If you’re new to my blog, you can view my goals here.

1) Don’t get disheartened if my first grade is low.

Ok, so my first assignment was a 300 word mini essay on medieval England and Ireland. I got a 2.2 🙂 this is lower than my perfectionist self would normally allow, however keep in mind that I’ve not written a formal essay in over ten years! So yeah, I managed this goal by accepting this grade as a reference point, a “this is where I am now, and now I know how to improve”. I’m not going to lie, it wasn’t easy to improve! But I went to so many workshops on how to improve essay writing, note taking, referencing, it started paying off almost immediately 😀 now I’m a student that gets 2.1-1st’s! Woohoo!

2) Stick to my budget!

He he… it was a bit of a rocky road I’m not going to lie! I’ve gone from having the wage of a full-time worker to being on a typical student wage. It was hard! However, I budgeted, I kept a hard eye on my finances and, yes, I said ‘no’ plenty of times. Some weeks I went over budget because I wanted a pizza or to join my friends on a social, but by the end of the semester I did ok! I know how to change my budget for next semester so I will try again 😃

3) Don’t seclude myself.

Thankfully, even with my anxiety I’ve managed to make friends. More than I’d hoped! Every time I was scared or nervous I forced myself to go for it.

Being 28, I wasn’t sure if I would fit in with the younger people on my course. Most of them are literally 10 years younger than me! Yes, there are times that I don’t fit in with groups, though I think this is normal. Luckily my habit of ‘just going for it’ has worked in my favour here, if I want to ask a question in class I will. This gives other students the courage to ask their own questions. So yes, in the classroom I’ve made friends of a kind. There are those I can relax and laugh with, and those who ask me a lot of questions.

To be honest I’ve opened a lot of doors by the way I approach things. I joined the university union to become a course rep, and went on to become the subject rep of history. This means I speak on behalf of the students and resolve any ongoing academic issues. Between meeting other reps, meeting my superiors in the union, and meeting with students on my course, it’s definitely opened a lot of social doors for me! 🙂

4) Try something new.

Being a course rep isn’t new for me, I did a very similar thing while I worked at the casino. However, the scale of it is! The sheer number of students I represent is unbelievable for me. If I asked a past self if this is something I would do… I have to admit I would be a little scared!

I tried some Give It A Go events, including how to make your own notebook. It was amazing! I was even shown how to bind the book myself!

I tried fencing and ballroom dancing for the first time too, though I’m still trying to find a sport that I love.

The main thing I’ve tried that’s new is being an art gallery assistant. I help with the open day of new exhibits and give people tours of the main gallery. I admit, I’ve only given a few tours so far, however I can now do it without flash cards! This is something that absolutely terrified me at first… but it’s something I need to learn if I ever want to work in a museum.

Did you have any goals for your last semester?

How did they go?

Leave a comment below to let me know how your goals are going.

#goals #personaldevelopment

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