My Resolutions 2019

Well, it’s that time of year again, time to write this year’s resolutions. I think we all know that I’m not going to stick to it, ha ha. It’s not that I don’t mean well… It’s just that it’s not the first thing comes to mind. I think that’s the same for all of us. Well, here it goes! Wish me luck!

  • Create and maintain a healthy diet. I want to eat more fruit and veg, and generally speaking, cut out the shit like biscuits and pizzas. Time to stop lying to myself and start making a difference.
  • Start exercising. It doesn’t matter how small it is, at least I’m trying! Start with something small like yoga, Maybe cycling to university, and work my way up.
  • Complete my first year at uni successfully (defined as pass every module with a 2.2 or above).
  • Make a change. I’d love to do a campaign or something similar to help my fellow students.
  • Get experience working in the history and education industries. Feb 2019- Archiving experience.
  • Maintain mindfulness in my everyday life. Eating, sleeping, walking, everything.
  • Be more aware of what’s going on around me. Catch up on big events in the news at least once a month. (I swear there’s some variation of this on my list every year!)
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help if I need it, that’s what it’s there for. I think so many people are scared of asking for help, just like me! We don’t realise that people actually genuinely want to help sometimes, and if we just accept – it’s a lot less stress for us!
  • No caffeine by 2020. It can only do me good! 🙂
  • Get a part-time job. I’ve always worked, I’d like to make a little extra money alongside my degree by getting a job too 🙂 Ideally something with guaranteed hours rather than casual work! Feb 2019 – Student Ambassador

What are your goals for 2019?

I’d love to hear your resolutions, are they new? Or are some from last year that you’re still working on?

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