Speak Out Against Rape

Over Christmas, there were stories on social media about rapes on campus. I must admit I was sceptical, because they insisted that the university had basically done nothing. Let’s be honest, what’s the likelihood that an institution as big as a university would give off the vibe that rape is not important. Maybe I had too much faith in the University.

The social media post advised that there were three rapes on campus since the academic year started in September. Again, if this was true we would heard about it, right? It turns out that’s not true.

Luckily, the Hull University Union posted last night on the blog and on Facebook. The post had advice on what to do in the instance you were raped. It was written by the University Union president of welfare and community. Here is a quote from him sharing his article on Facebook:

“As part of our response to a terrible incident that happened over Christmas, I have written a guide to the support that is available locally for sexual assault in Hull. It isn’t comprehensive, but I sincerely hope that it is useful stop and it can be found here”

I can’t believe it’s actually true. I would have thought that an issue of this magnitude would have been brought to the student’s attention. Surely, the University want the students to be safe. I understand they do not want to cause panic, this is natural. However, there is distinct difference between appearing to ignore the situation in the eyes of the public and reassuring them that you’re doing something about it. As a student, I can honestly say I have received no emails from the University to reassure me or even warn me of these incidents, which leads me to believe the other students haven’t either.

I sincerely hope that the University may be more vocal about anything they are doing in secret to help protect students and staff on campus. I must stress that isn’t just students that are in danger if there is still a threat, it is also members of staff and any public in the area. The worst part is, the University is located next to an all-girls high school. I hate to think of the potential implications of this.

If you’re reading this and are near the University, please use your street-smarts and be safe. Go around in groups if possible. Even when there isn’t any threat in the area, it’s still a wise idea to carry pepper spray, a rape alarm, or simply learn how to defend yourself. If you are a student, there are self-defence classes as part of the HUU societies, for example there is karate society. I know karate myself, it’s very good and not overly taxing physically. Usually if you ask for advice on how to protect yourself against a specific attack, or a rape situation for example, the instructor will be more than happy to teach you specific moves.

Please understand I’m not saying that the university aren’t doing anything about this situation, we simply do not know. I think it is a good assumption to say they are, but they are keeping it quiet – however, I believe this is a situation they should be more vocal about.

God bless and stay safe,



Speak out against rape

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