I’m Excited! Job Opportunities!

Hi guys,


I’m so excited.

I’ve been a bit concerned about getting a job after my degree if I’m honest. I’m 28 years old and most people on my course are 10 years younger than me! In my mind,  this means that by the time they’re my age, they could have a lot more work experience than I do!

Well, I’ve got some very exciting news!

It was Subject Futures week last week at the university. I’ll do another post to tell you how amazing that was another time 😉 but the principle of it was to give students information on the different areas they could go into after their degree, and also some skills workshops to help with other essential skills like networking.

So yeah, at this Subject Futures week I learned how my normal CV is no longer appropriate – I’m a student now and my CV should reflect this. I went to some workshops on how to do it properly, I also went to the university careers service twice. Low and behold! I have a new CV.

Of course, I’ve already applied to jobs with it! 😉 He he. The job I most wanted is outside my city, and I don’t drive, however, there’s public transport available that would take me there. It’s a library catalogue/research assistant job! They emailed me this morning to arrange an interview, saying my CV was ‘impressive’. I was bouncing off walls when I read that. If I get this position it would be an excellent experience for me – it sounds like the type of work I’d like to go into when I leave university. Woohoo!! Foot in the door!

Also, I applied to a volunteer opportunity at Hull History Centre – assistant archivist. Realistically, I didn’t think I’d be able to get a job associated with a history degree. I thought the most realistic outcome would be to have a volunteer job that is linked with my degree, and a normal part-time job.

So yeah, I’ve been successful in applying for the volunteer assistant archivist role, this will be on Wednesday afternoons. I already know I’ll be doing it with someone else which is quite reassuring for me! They seem to be very friendly and approachable in the communications I’ve had with them so far which makes me more excited to start volunteering there.

All in all, I’m feeling extremely fortunate. I can’t wait to start the volunteer position and I’m also crossing my fingers on the library catalogue / research assistant role too! I can’t stress how wonderful they’d both be on my CV, and also how much they actually genuinely interest me.


I’ll keep you updated 😀


Amy x


A smile is its sword.


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