Promotion: Faculty Rep!

More great news!

Today I had the interview to become a Faculty Representative.

A Faculty Rep is the final tier of Academic Reps at our university. Above that is the President of Education in the Union (plus other departments), but this president is our main contact if we need help. If issues cannot be resolved by our subject-specific reps during their student-staff forums, I can then help. Also, if there are any issues (or improvements that can be made) on a faculty-wide level, I can help with this too. I also have the power to vote at the Union Council meetings on behalf of the students in my faculty, if I think a motion wouldn’t suit our faculty,  I can vote against it.

It’s very exciting, isn’t it!

My primary focus is definitely going to be communication. If you don’t have communication, you have nothing.

I know each subject in my faculty will work differently, so I’d like to adapt to each subject to create a communication method that works best for each one. I want them to feel listened to and like they have a voice.

I really want the students to feel empowered! They’re leaving home (usually for the first time) and finally finding their feet. It’s time they found their voices. I want to help them with their issues. It’s time for change!

I’m so proud I went for this position, I must have changed my mind a thousand times. I didn’t think I would be able to do it because of my health – starting to have seizures and also having anxiety without being on any medication to control it. To be honest, it was the faith other people had that made me apply. My boyfriend said to me, do I think an epileptic person could do the role just as well as someone else, or do I think epilepsy would affect their ability to do the role? The shock on my face! I swear. I first I thought it was a really dumb question – of course I believe they can do it!… So why did I feel differently about myself and my situation? I had some people around me at university be honest about what they thought of me, and why I should apply, and I was very, very touched. They said I’ve motivated people to truly believe they are listened to and can create change, for the first time they’ve seen in years. I want them to always feel like this.

The reason I’m so proud of achieving this position is that I can finally help more people. I want to make their lives at university as great an experience as it can be. Most people only go to university once, so lets get it right! 🙂 




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