Moving House, Grades, and Anxiety…

Hey guys,

It’s been a long time since I posted, almost a month… Can’t believe it. Here’s my big update!

Faculty Rep Update.

Okay, so let’s start with the faculty representative business. I quit after a week. Basically, there was so much more to do than what they actually said at the interview. One of my key duties was to meet up with my subject representatives (they would be in the line of command underneath me) however, because there were so many meetings to fitting with so many people I just didn’t even have time to even contemplate fitting my reps in. Keep in mind that suffer from anxiety, and the fact I came off my anxiety medication at the beginning of January… Having no free time for yourself, struggling to fit in your studies, is not a good combination. So I quit. I’m still glad I went for it, would have always wondered if I could do not, and I know I can’t. I would easily say the position of faculty rep is a two-person full-time job, and not a part-time volunteer role to do alongside your studies. In this instance, I had to prioritise not only my health but also my studies. At the end of the day, I’m paying over £9000 the year at the moment to study this course and there’s no point in doing this course if I’m just gonna fob it off to do some representative business that isn’t going to help me with the career path I want. You get what I mean.

Moving house.

Well, on Friday I moved out of my parent’s house and into a house share. The place I moved into is basically two houses fit together. My room is a good size, haven’t struggled to make food so far because there’s four of everything in the kitchen (including ovens and sinks), there’s both communal shower rooms and private bathrooms so washing isn’t an issue, I also have a sink in my bedroom. It’s so nice to be able to relax.

So basically, the reason I moved house midsemester is because of all the arguments that home. I love both my parents however, I found my anxiety was actually getting worse because of all the arguments. I really felt like I needed to be back on medication, which would have been bad considering at the moment the doctors think that’s what started my night time seizures. I just wasn’t able to study, and I don’t have enough funding to retake a year at university. I’m not willing to sacrifice my health or my education because of arguments at home.

The place I moved into is really quiet, it’s so much easier to relax and study at any time of day. It’s actually about 15 minutes closer to the university which is a bonus! So yeah, so far I like it.


I got my preliminary grades back for one of my modules yesterday, specifically the seminar participation. Week one I scored 70, week two I scored 80, and week three I scored 75. Keep in mind these are just preliminary grades and may still change, and I still have the grades from my future seminars to add to this as well which may change my overall great.

To put into perspective 70 is classed as a first. So far at university, I have never scored a 75 or 80, the highest I’ve ever scored a 72. I can’t even begin to explain how happy I am with this, that I’m actually capable of working to this level. When you study history group we are told you will basically never achieve a score of 100 the most realistic you will get is between like a 70 and 80, and if you achieve over 80 is absolutely outstanding work, over 90 even the lecturers and professionals in the field would struggle to get because everything would be super accurate and the argument would be solid. I hope this puts into perspective, this is the reason I am absolutely so excited to get such good grades, even if they are only a guideline. So, so far my preliminary grade is 75 overall for this part of the module. Yey!


Moving House, Grades, And Anxiety...

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