Piercings, Volleyball, Assignments and More

It’s been a helluva weekend.


Birthday Piercings!

For those of you who didn’t know, Friday was my birthday. I decided to treat myself and get some piercings, namely my nipples and an industrial piercing.

There seems to be a dispute on the Internet regarding pain levels of different piercings but from my personal experience of getting all three done in one day, I can safely say that the industrial definitely hurt more than the nipples – and I got that one done last. It wasn’t excruciating pain, it was just very intense, but that was only on the outside of the ear – the inside of the ear definitely wasn’t that bad, probably the same as the nipples.

There’s a YouTube channel that is very informative about aftercare for the different types of piercings, I watched it for my navel, nipples and industrial 🙂 It’s so good! This guy has 17 years experience and explains everything. I’d definitely recommend his channel.



Yesterday I finally tried volleyball for the first time. In the UK this isn’t a common sport at all, I was quite surprised to find there was a volleyball sports club at the University.

It was actually really fun! It wasn’t too difficult, it was mainly about technique and perfecting that technique… Once you develop that technique the ball will go higher or a longer distance without you putting in much extra effort.

It didn’t particularly hurt either when you hit the ball (this was one of my worries). I have to say though, today my arms, shoulders, and thighs are definitely aching! Although there’s not much time left in the semester, I think I’d like to join the club 🙂

Here’s a hilarious volleyball basics video:



I have two assignments due this week, an essay plan with an annotated bibliography, and a source analysis.

So basically for the first one, I need to do an essay plan in note form. This will briefly say what my argument will be for each paragraph, why it’s relevant, and what evidence I’m going to use to back it up. The annotated bibliography will be a standard bibliography with one line describing the argument of the source, and one line explaining why this is relevant to my essay. The idea is to develop your essay planning skills and to use it as a guide for the essay that’s due in May.

The source analysis is pretty straight forward, I have to pick a source written in the time period, explain who wrote it, and then analyse why it was written and the motives behind it. I’ve been trying to do this assignment for weeks but I just can’t get the flow right, it’s like hitting my head against a wall! I’m hoping I can get it done today or tomorrow.

Found these guys on YouTube, they give some great advice!


Social Media

I did it! I deleted all my social media!

I’ve only gone to open the Facebook app a handful of times since I deleted it on Sunday and that was out of boredom for something to do. So far I wouldn’t really say I’ve been more productive… have I? I’ve been looking at my emails more but I used to do that frequently anyway.

Do I miss it? No. Although I do find it a bit frustrating when people are casually on social media when we’ve met up for a social. If people used to do that before, I just used to open up my own app.

Here’s a Ted Talk to get you thinking 😉


Do you have any piercing experiences you’d like to share?

What are your experiences of joining sports teams? It doesn’t matter if it was outside of the university, I’d still like to hear 🙂


Piercings, Volleyball, Assignments and More

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