Hope, Anxiety Relief, & ‘Moodgym’

Hi everyone 🙂

I have some great news!

I called the doctors today like I said in my last post, they managed to fit me in for an appointment an hour later! I couldn’t believe how fast they fit me in, I was expecting a 1-2 week wait.

The good news is I hardly had to go into any detail to the doctor about how bad my anxiety has been affecting me lately. He agreed to put me back on the anxiety medication without any reservations! 🙂 Whenever I go to the doctors, I always feel like I need to justify myself. It’s nothing to do with how the doctors are or how they interact with you, they’re wonderful and very helpful, it’s just how I feel about going to the doctors.

I did explain that I didn’t want to go on the same dosage as before as I was nervous it may trigger the night-time seizures again, and he agreed. We’re starting on half the dose I was on last time 🙂 Which is more of a ‘normal’ dose – I also don’t remember having any issues on this dosage before.

Another good thing about this! I have a job interview on 6th June so the tablets should be in my system by then! 🙂 I’m so relieved, I truly can’t explain how relieved I am to get some help. I feel like I’ve been trying everything to get by without medication and still felt like the glass was overflowing. I can’t believe it’s £9 per prescription now!

Also, the doctor gave me a new website to try out. He did explain that it’s no longer a free service, if I like it I have to pay. It’s www.moodgym.com.au It seems to be available in different countries too if anyone wants to check it out, it’s available in English and German. He explained to me that it’s a website that helps manage anxiety and depression and when you’re struggling it forces you to exercise for a certain amount of time depending on how bad your symptoms are in that moment. So for example, he said you may need to get sweaty for 30 minutes. He also said the type of exercise doesn’t matter. The Moodgym website says it’s based on two different approaches, which are Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Interpersonal Therapy, so I’m going to check it out! It sounds very useful. It’s £26.33 per year. There’s no trial period available or any way to view what the website is like before paying, so after I’ve used it for a while I’ll write a review on here to let you guys know what it’s like.


Here’s a pic of the main page after purchasing the yearly subscription…


I’ll keep you updated!

What methods do you guys use to manage your anxiety? Do you use an app or website too?



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