Today I was Brave

Hi guys,

Today I was brave.

I received a phone call today to arrange an interview for a bakery position at uni for the next academic year. This interview is on Tuesday. I also have an interview on Wednesday for a different job. Anxiety!

Ok, so the Wednesday interview job is for a Sunday duty manager position in a charity shop. I have supervisory experience, but no managerial experience. This makes me nervous, naturally. To know I have the added anxiety of having an interview the day before too makes me nervous. I was considering canceling the management interview because it’s the one that makes me worry the most… but then I would have no income over the summer!

This is when I did something brave…

I called the shop and asked for a taster session before the interview. I know my main fear is that my anxiety will hold me back in such a way that I cannot perform my job role, and therefore, I’ll have a job that overwhelms me. Luckily, the manager answered the call and agreed! 🙂 I have my taster session tomorrow afternoon so I can go over the main duties and see how the shop works.

I’m so relieved I did this, it’ll mean less pressure on the day. If I know in advance what the duties are like (rather than just written descriptions), I’m less likely to worry whether I can actually do them. I also won’t feel like I’m lying during the interview if I’m still unsure whether I can do the job or not!

Overall, I’m a lot more relaxed now 🙂 I’m proud of myself for reaching out. I wouldn’t normally do this, in fact, I’ve put off doing this for weeks because it scares me. However, the thought of having extreme anxiety during the interview scares me more 🙂



Wish me luck!

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