Medieval World Essay Score!

I did it!!

I was so anxious doing my end of semester assignments, I felt so sick and had so many panic attacks!

I’ve just received my grade for the medieval world assignment I did on the motives of the crusaders in the first crusade! I got a first!!!


To put the grading into perspective:

70 – 100% – 1st

60 – 69% – 2.1

50 – 59% – 2.2



My highest score so far this semester is 68%. This essay scored 78%! I honestly didn’t think I would do this well, my anxiety was crippling me. I was so stressed, I just can’t explain it.

I remember during the welcome week when we first started uni, they said don’t expect to get over 80%, that’s publishable quality that even lecturers and historians struggle to achieve. I can’t believe I got so high! This essay is worth 50% of my overall module grade!



I just thought I’d let you know how excited I am 😀 xx


Medieval World Essay Score!

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