Update: Piercings

Hi guys,

It’s been 10 months since my navel piercing and just over 2 months since my industrial and nipple piercings. All of them still have some extra time before they’re fully healed, so this is just an update on their progress and how it’s been. For my initial post which describes the pain levels of the nipples and industrial piercings, look here.


Navel piercing.

My navel piercing has been relatively trouble-free. I got a bit concerned 1-2 months into the healing process due to small amounts of white, almost pale yellow, gunk coming out. I chose to go back to my piercer to see if it was an infection but he said it was part of the normal healing process 🙂 The colour gunk you get with a navel infection is darker, and it’s normally coupled with soreness and itching, etc.


Navel piercing 1
The day it was pierced
Navel piercing 2
10 months on










Nipple Piercings.

I’m not putting pictures up of this one for obvious reasons lol. They haven’t hurt or been sore since the day I got them done. I do still have feeling in them! But yeah, I was surprised they don’t hurt more. I haven’t had any major issues with these piercings either. Occasionally I will get some of the off-white fluid when I clean them, but not always. I have noticed that if I drink alcohol, exercise, or take medication which thins the blood, I will get some blood in the crusties. This is the only piercing it happens with and over time it’s getting less and less. It doesn’t happen on a daily basis and I’ve noticed it’s linked with things that either thin the blood or make the blood pump faster, which makes sense because a piercing is essentially a healing wound.


The Industrial Piercing.

Where do I start? How it’s doing totally depends on the day. It was sore in varying degrees for a few weeks after getting it done. Two months later, sometimes it’s fine and other times it’s swollen and sore. There doesn’t seem to be a pattern behind why it does it either. Obviously, if I accidentally knock it, it has an effect, but usually, I’m quite good. More often than not, it’s when I hug other people that it’s knocked or tugged and it’s usually by the other person! Hah! In the first few weeks, if it was accidentally hit with some force (like from a swinging arm that is aiming for a coat), it did make me dizzy.

Strangely enough, this is the piercing I’ve had the least amount of liquid out. When I do get liquid, it’s like water – very thin and clear. Usually, when it’s going through a patch where it’s sore and swollen, I also get the small lumps. From what I understand, this can be caused by the oils from my hair affecting the piercing, as it’s usually the one closest to my head that it happens to. Right now, I have a lump on both sides of the piercing and it’s been sore for about a week. It looks uncomfortable and squished so I’ve purchased a larger bar to give it some breathing room when it swells.

Although it hasn’t been hell, it’s been the most frustrating out of all my piercings simply because I can’t find a pattern to why it plays up. Sometimes it just gets sore and swollen, but there are never any signs of infection. Before getting the piercing I read that this is quite common with cartilage piercings as they heal from the outside in.

You can see what I mean by the images below. Sometimes the bar has space, and other times (like now) it doesn’t. I assume the healing will go a lot better when I get the bigger bar 🙂

Immediately after piercing
Two months on











That’s it!


Have you got any piercings lately? What are your experiences with them? Any tips? Let me know in the comments! 🙂


Update Piercings

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