Update: Management Job Taster Session

dove house


Hey guys,

Just an update on the taster session I did for the Sunday duty manager role. The job is to work for a local charity called Dove House Hospice, I’ve fundraised for them before and they are quite close to my heart due to the impact they have on the local community. Nearly everybody you speak to has been helped by the hospice in one way or another.

As you know from my previous post, ‘Today I Was Brave’, I asked for a taster session before the interview on Wednesday. Basically, I was getting very overwhelmed and I thought a taster session would relieve some of my anxiety by letting me see first hand what the duties were.

Everyone was very nice! 🙂 They were absolutely lovely. The manager said not to worry about my lack of management experience, if I pass the interview they will train me up. Also, as it’s a Sunday role, she let me know that Sundays are usually quiet, chilled out shifts were it’s usually used to catch up on other things ready for the following week, Like sorting through donations ready for display 🙂 I let them know some of my concerns, such as ‘how do they know how to price things?’, but all the answers were quite simple! 🙂 The team all seem to specialise in an area which is useful to the store, for example, there’s a lady who’s a collector of antiques who helps in the vintage store, or an avid book reader who organises the book room. It’s all very organised! I love it.

I would be very happy to work there, they’re so friendly and answered all of my questions. They seem like very kind people and the place had a nice, relaxed atmosphere too.

I’ll keep you updated and let you know if I get the job or not after the interview on Wednesday.


Cya! 🙂


Update_ management taster job


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