Weekly Roundup #1

Hi all,

Weekly Roundup is a summary of what’s been going on and a roundup of all the posts I have done that week. You’re welcome to create your own and link back in the comments 🙂 Share the blogger love!


This Week:

It’s been so nice not to have any uni this week, I can finally catch up on some blogging 🙂 I’ve definitely missed it. I had a job taster on Friday for the interview I have on Wednesday. Everyone was really friendly so I’m not too nervous about that interview.

I went back on anxiety medication this week. I feel a lot better for it! 🙂 I’m less worried, more relaxed. I’m not so worried about who I’ll bump into if I leave my room and feel a bit more comfortable going to the kitchen for some food.

So yeah 🙂 Overall, it’s been a week of relaxing!


So what’s been posted this week?


What’s in your weekly roundup? Let me know in the comments 🙂


Weekly Roundup

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