Moving Rooms and Job Interviews!

Hey guys!

It’s been a busy week! I was hoping to post more, but I think you’ll understand when you read what’s been going on πŸ™‚

This week, I’ve had two interviews and moved rooms! πŸ™‚


Moving Rooms.

Ok, so I’m in the same house, but I’ve moved rooms.

My previous room was along the main hallway. It was lovely and quiet during the day, but on the night time, it got quite busy. Needless to say that with people coming home at 12-1am it was difficult to sleep! Now, I’ve moved to one of the corners of the house. It’s near the front door, so I can’t miss any deliveries now πŸ˜‰ haha. I’ve slept in here for two nights so far and it’s definitely quieter than that hallway. I really like it so far, the room feels slightly wider too which makes it feel more comfortable πŸ™‚


Interview 1: Spar Bakery.

My Tuesday interview was for a job in the Spar bakery at uni, starting in September and continuing throughout the academic year. I was totally honest with the lady who interviewed me and told her how nervous I was, she opened up and told me she was very nervous too as it was the first time she’d interviewed by herself! It was a lovely moment.

I was a little nervous because of my industrial piercing, I thought this might count against me because some people don’t like piercings, however, this lady had a lip piercing so I felt very comfortable.

The interview went ok, it didn’t go bad but there were some aspects I just didn’t have experience with. For example, I couldn’t answer the questions on previous experience working with food or what qualifications I had in food hygiene as I had neither. The questions on teamwork I answered very well though πŸ™‚

When she asked how many hours I would ideally like, I said no more than 8 hours per week. My uni course is very self-study orientated, there’s a hell of a lot of reading to fit in – it’s history I’m studying! She said most people ask for 14-16 hours and I was honest and said I wasn’t willing to compromise my course for the job. She did say it would work in my favour because other people usually wanted the extra hours, however, I think if I got the job I would have felt bad constantly having to pass hours along to others.


Interview 2: Sunday Duty Manager.

This was my Wednesday interview for a role in a local Dove House Hospice store. I felt like the interview went excellent! I actually had to remind myself that I was at an interview and to sit up straight because I was beginning to slouch during the banter lol.

We did get all the questions done! lol. I remember we went on a tangent talking about the other local shops and if there were any crafting items they could use to restock the other shops.

They pointed out all my animal-related qualifications (CPD certificates) and asked if I was interested in pursuing a career with animals. I was actually really embarrassed! I know I was blushing when I told them I actually only took them because I wanted to learn to look after my cat properly lol. Make sure I’m giving him the right food and ensure I can care for any wounds or illnesses he may get πŸ™‚ They gave a little giggle and said it was a true sign of a cat lover lol.

One interview question that sticks out was “what would I do if a volunteer refused to do a job I’d given him/her”. I thought the answer was quite obvious, but they were looking at me so intently! I just said I’d give them a different job πŸ™‚ They’re there because they want to volunteer, I wouldn’t force them to do something they didn’t want to do because they might not come back. The store I’ll be duty manager of is pretty diverse, so there’s plenty of different jobs that need doing. Looks like it was the correct answer!


The Result!

I got a phone call the next day, Thursday, to tell me I got the Sunday duty manager role. I couldn’t believe it! They said they felt like I was the perfect fit and would fit in with the team brilliantly. I was so happy. I was totally honest about my anxiety throughout the whole process and explained that I visited on Friday to reassure myself that my anxiety wouldn’t hold me back in the job. I thanked them and told them how happy I was to get the position because it’s so important to me to feel comfortable in my next job.

This led to the problem about the Spar job… what if I got that one too? I won’t be able to manage two jobs during term time. I called my mum to ask for advice – should I accept and wait to see how this other job goes, and then accept or reject it closer to September? Or should I just be honest and tell them my circumstances have changed? I didn’t have a phone number, but I did have an email address. We agreed it would be best to pop them an email to thank them and quickly explain that I’d like to no longer be considered for the role. Something really funny happened next… While I was writing it, I actually received an email to say I didn’t get the position – I wasn’t meant to find out until next week! I’ve never been so relieved to be rejected for a job! It saved a very awkward encounter!


Next Step.

It’s going to take a while for my references to come back, and after that, so to bring in my proof of right to work in the UK, I can’t start work until then. Luckily, it’s a charity! πŸ™‚ They said I could pop in early on a volunteer basis to learn the ropes! Hell yeah! I really can’t wait, I’m so happy. I’ll be popping in on Thursday afternoon to have an afternoon with the store manager and begin my training! πŸ™‚

For my original post on my Dove House taster day, look here.


I hope you can forgive my tardiness this week!


Amy x



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