Weekly Roundup #3

Hi guys,

Just my weekly roundup again. If you want to join in and link yours in the comments feel free! 🙂 Summerise what you’ve done this week and what posts you’ ve published.


This Week:

It’s been a good week.

I started volunteering at Dove House this week. They’re really nice and I’ve learned a lot! Next week I have three more days I’m volunteering on. I hurt an old sports injury in my leg when carrying a suitcase full of clothes downstairs for them, it’s been quite painful these past two days so I’m unsure how much that will affect me tomorrow.

It was Father’s Day today. We all went around my father’s house, my sister, her boyfriend, and my nephews, and me and my boyfriend. We played some games and had dinner together, it was quite nice.

Hopefully, I will get my contract sorted next week for work! 🙂


So what’s been posted this week?


What’s in your weekly roundup? Let me know in the comments 🙂


Weekly Roundup


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