Dove House Hospice Job Update

Dear all,

I’ve been volunteering a lot at the Dove House Hospice store I successfully got the job at. I wanted to give you an update on how it’s all going.



Ok, so as you know from my previous post on Update: Management Job Taster Session and Dove House: My First Day! :’) I’ve been volunteering before I start paid work there. This was a big deal for me because I was worried my anxiety may hold me back from being able to do the job. Volunteering there has given me the confidence to know this isn’t the case. I strongly believe that even if I have a bad day, I would still be able to manage in the store 🙂

While volunteering I’ve learned a lot. I’ve already been trained on the cash register, it’s very easy! 🙂 I also learned to use the clothes steamer. I expected it to have an effect on my asthma but luckily it didn’t! 🙂 I’ve also met a lot of the volunteers now. I’ve learned that none of them will let you struggle, if you need help you don’t even need to ask – they’ll be right there ready to give advice and help! 🙂


Paid Work Progress.

In my post Worried About Job References, you know I was worried that my references may prevent me from starting the job, causing the job offer to be withdrawn. After the references were submitted to Dove House, I needed to make an appointment with their admin at head office to bring in my signed contract, DBS check form, and proof of identity.

I called to make the appointment on Monday but there was no reply. I called again on Tuesday and managed to make an appointment for Wednesday morning 🙂 The lady said she was positive my references had come back so I could pop in the next day with my paperwork! Woohoo!

I can’t tell you how relieved I was about the references. Everything went well on Wednesday morning, the DBS check should be back by tomorrow night so that’s probably the end of the week just to be safe 🙂 When the DBS check is back I can start paid work! Until then I will carry on volunteering.


Next Steps.

I recently found out that training usually takes place in a different shop than the one you applied for. Luckily, Debbie (the shop manager), managed to pull some strings with the regional manager so she could train me at her shop 🙂 I was very happy with this because she let her know the progress I’ve made and how comfortable I was there, so I would probably do better learning there. I’m really happy she did this.

Tomorrow is my next shift, I’m not sure if I’ll still be volunteering next week or if I’ll be getting paid. Me and Debbie agreed we will discuss next weeks schedule tomorrow so we can see which days would be best to learn the managerial stuff on.


Wish me luck!


Amy x


Job Update

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