Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Hi guys!

So it’s official – Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is out! For those who don’t know what it is, it’s basically Pokemon Go for Harry Potter fans.



The principle is the same, it’s created to get you out and about exploring to unlock new things.


Unlike Pokemon Go, you can change your house at any time! 🙂 Which is kinda awesome. I remember in Pokemon Go, people would choose their favourite colour out of the three options and find out their friends were on a different team! Once you picked your team you couldn’t change it. Knowing they’ve done it differently with Harry Potter: Wizards Unite definitely makes the gameplay more relaxing.



Another thing I like about this game is you can make your own wand! Wooo!!! You can choose the wood it’s made of, core, flexibility, and length. This is also a changeable feature if you change your mind in the future 🙂


The gameplay seems pretty simple. Instead of button-bashing like you do on Pokemon Go, you have to trace spells on your phone to defeat the mischevious magic and return Wizarding items to their rightful place. The more accurate you trace the spell, the higher the chance your spell has of working. When you help release a magical item or creature, you gain a sticker for your collection. Sometimes you may have to help it several times to collect all the pieces 🙂



Harry Potter: Wizards Unite also has portkeys, these are basically the Pokemon Go‘s equivalent of eggs.  Instead of an incubator, you have to put a key in the lock and walk until it’s unlocked.


You can also brew potions in the game. I have to admit, this is my least favourite feature – it reminds me too much of the other Harry Potter games rather than being something new and unique to this one. The potions can help you in a variety of ways including making capture easier and giving you more energy to cast spells.


So far, I’ve not been able to go out and play the game properly due to my hurt leg! 😥 I’ve only been able to play it by clicking the spawns at my house. I can’t wait to start clicking on the Inns and other buildings located around the map to explore them. You also unlock professions at level six, however, I’m level five at the moment so I can’t comment on this!

Here’s a great breakdown of the game:



Have you downloaded Harry Potter: Wizards Unite yet? What do you think? Let me know in the comments!


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