Weekly Roundup #4

Hi all!

Weekly Roundup is a summary of what’s been going on and a roundup of all the posts I have done that week. You’re welcome to create your own and link back in the comments 🙂 Share the blogger love!


This Week.

It’s been such a busy week! My leg has been a total pain in the arse, it’s healing progress has been up and down. It’s definitely been hindering my ability to do things, sometimes it’s hard to drop off to sleep or walk short distances. I’ve kept in mind what the physio said though and am doing my old exercises again which are helping 🙂

My volunteering work at Dove House is going well! I took in my documents and contract on Wednesday so I should be able to start paid work soon! God knows I need the money lol. Me and my boyfriend finished paying for our holiday to Bulgaria today so I’m left with a budget of £27 per week throughout the summer. This makes me very uncomfortable. Anyway, back to work, it’s been going very well. I’ve been trying to make sure I don’t overdo it with my leg and the other volunteers are being very nice carrying the heavy items for me 🙂 On Friday I was in charge of the shop – it was hectic. It was a very busy shift but overall we did very well! I was proud of all the volunteers for doing so well 🙂 A pidgeon even flew into the shop window! That was fun lol.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite came out this week! I’ve been attempting to play it while confined inside while my leg heals. So far I like it! 🙂 Though not being able to walk far makes the game experience very limiting, I can’t wait to do a proper post when I’m better to update you all 🙂

I’m hoping that next week my leg will be a little better and I can start getting paid. Other than work, I don’t have much planned. I’m just trying not to overdo it, I’m struggling to do the everyday things at the moment so I’m getting a lot of help from my partner in getting stuff done 🙂


So what’s been posted this week?


What have you posted this week? Share it in the comments!


Weekly Roundup

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