I Donated My Hair to Kids with Cancer!

Hi guys,

Yesterday I did something amazing. I donated my hair to kids with cancer 🙂


I donated a total of 36 inches to the Little Princess Trust! They will use my hair to make a wig for kids with cancer and other hair loss conditions 🙂



I didn’t get my hair cut with the donation in mind, I thought you needed to square it with the charity first, fundraise, and then cut off your hair. I had my haircut at Toni and Guy (it was my first time there), and it was actually the receptionist who asked if I’d like my hair to be donated! Hell yeah! I’m so glad she asked. It was an amazing experience. I’ll get my certificate from the charity in a few weeks! 🙂


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So yeah, back to Toni and Guy. It was my first time getting my hair cut there. I had my hair cut by Sam, she’s an expert in pixie cuts. I chose to get my hair cut at a more expensive hairdresser because they had a reputation to uphold and I’ve had a few bad experiences with hairdressers in the past. Overall, I’d highly recommend Toni and Guy! They were amazing! Sam actually listened to what I wanted and made my hairstyle my own, she didn’t try to hide my cowlick like other hairdressers in the past – she incorporated it into the style. She also listened to what I wanted regarding my piercing. With long hair, it kept getting tangled and tugging on my industrial piercing, I wanted my hair to be short enough so this didn’t happen. I thought I’d have to shave the sides of my head, which I wasn’t crazy about, so she gave me another option – cutting around my ears! 🙂 I’m so much happier with this result! I really feel like she listened to exactly what I wanted and gave me a totally unique hairstyle. I love how it suits my face shape and hair type! I’m crazy about it. If you’re in the Hull area I highly recommend going! While I was there they even fixed a lady’s bad hair-dye job (from another hairdresser).


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Have you ever thought of having a pixie cut or donating some of your hair to charity? Let me know in the comments!



I Donated My Hair to Kids with Cancer!

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